Welcome to ConservativeStudies.Org, the headquarters of both the scholarly academic discipline and the student movement for Conservative Studies.

As of January 2011 Conservative Studies now includes:

  • A headquarters for Conservative Studies on
  • Conservative Studies student chapter letters of association designed by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute
  • 15 committed academic advisers for Conservative Studies
  • 1 student club for Conservative Studies at Florida State University
  • 1 scholarly conference for Conservative Studies at Anglo-American University
  • 1 faculty think tank for Conservative Studies at Moscow State University
  • 1 faculty-designed course for Conservative Studies at Bellevue University
  • 1 student-designed course for Conservative Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Proposals pending consideration include:
    • Scholarly journal
    • Academic conference
    • Formalized degree program
    • Speaker's bureau:
      • Lecturer's Division for scholarly lecturers on conservatism
      • Advocate's Division for scholarly advocates of conservatism
      • Critic's Division for scholarly critics of conservatism
      • Debater's Division for joint-sponsored inter-ideological dialogue and debate between advocates and critics of conservatism, as well as a sub-division for intra-ideological dialogue and debate between advocates of conservatism


About ConservativeStudies.Org

ConservativeStudies.Org was founded by Danny Oliver to develop academic liberty, ideological diversity, dialogue, and debate, and the scholarly study of ideas in academia.  Danny holds a B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies from Liberty University and is pursuing a M.A. in Liberal and Integrative Studies with a concentration in Liberty Studies under Dr. William Kline (Center for Liberty Studies) from the University of Illinois at Springfield.  This project is a component of Danny's student-designed, faculty-sponsored course in Conservative Studies under Dr. Peter Boltuc.  To contact Dr. Boltuc, e-mail pbolt1@uis.eduTo contact Danny, e-mail Danny@ConservativeStudies.Org.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I donate to ConservativeStudies.Org?
A: Yes! Contact Danny@ConservativeStudies.Org for more information.

Q: Why must the term "Conservative Studies" be used explicitly in the academic department, course title, course description, or course syllabus to receive national recognition on ConservativeStudies.Org?
A: Because no academic field was ever organized using only other academic disciplines' names.

Q: ConservativeStudies.Org affiliated with any other organization?
A: ConservativeStudies.Org is not (nor has it ever been) affiliated with any other organization.